What is "areyoshi"?


areyoshi is me, myself, and I. The name is intentionally all lowercase as a reference to bell hooks.

I use areyoshi as my pen name for works of fiction and as a username for most social media situations. You may sometimes see others refer to me as "apricot," which is just as acceptable!

About Me!

My name is Lexie, I draw comics and other stuff!

My goal is to promote change in the comic book industry for the sake of LGBTQ youth. Diversity in media is important, be it through representation of race, sexuality, or gender. As a nonbinary individual (they/them, please,) I want to create worlds where readers feel welcome as themselves.

FACT: I am from Pennsylvania.
FACT: I have a gross Persian cat named Albus.
FACT...? Putting cotton balls in the toes of someone's shoes makes them think their shoes are suddenly too small.